Do Dwarf Hamsters Bite? – A favorite question asked by any new prospective owner of Dwarf Hamsters as pets. Alternatively, for that matter, parents of children thinking of getting Dwarf Hamsters.

The simple answer is Yes. Hamsters do bite, but only under certain circumstances.

Hamster Fright. Are you making too much noise? Is the hamster in a noisy part of the house? Noise is a common reason why a hamster might get frightened. Also, rough handling from small children can cause the hamster to become upset. When you first bring your hamsters home, leave them in their new cage for a couple of days to get them used to their surroundings. Slowly get them used to human presence and the sound of your voice.

Food Smell. A hamster might bite you, not out of fear or malice but because they think your fingers/hands are food. They have sensitive noses and could easily pickup on food remains on your hand. Wash your hands after handling food to remove the risk of biting.

Predatory Instinct.Hamsters are territorial animals, and they may see you as a threat if you start poking your hands into their cage and nesting areas, especially if you are an unfamiliar human to them.

Startled Hamster. Suddenly startling your hamster is a bad idea if you want them to react kindly to you. A common cause of startling is opening their nesting area when they are sleeping and giving them a surprise awakening. It is best to let them wake up naturally if you want to play and interact with your pets.

do hamsters bite

Tips to stop your Hamsters from biting you

  1. Make your hamster aware of your presence before sticking your hands into their cages.
  2. Do not startle your hamster especially when they are asleep. Let them wake up naturally.
  3. If they have a very territorial personality – play with your hamster in a neutral area away from their cage.
  4. Wash your hands after handling food to remove any traces from your hand that might lead to hamster believing your flesh is food.
  5. Overall have a good relationship with your hamster and make efforts to tame them to human contact.

How To Stop A Hamster From Biting

Do not hit your hamster or raise your voice to it. This only reinforces the reasons why they are afraid of you

If your hamster is inclined to bite you, very gently and calmly blow softly into his the hamsters face. They will not especially like that, but if you do it gently they will not take it too badly, and it will snap them out of the biting behavior quickly. It is a gentle disciplining method that does work and the surest way to get them to respond.

Training Your Pet Hamster is a good book to purchase with more details on hamster training.